Cherry Pickers and Diggers

Cherry Pickers and Diggers are equipment that everyone has seen but probably wouldn’t call them by those names. We see them working the land, in orchards, preparing for new homes to be built, and even working on our electrical lines. Both have been the backbone too many different kinds of jobs from helping with back-breaking labor to being used for our pure enjoyment.

A Cherry Picker is an aerial work(sakselift kristiansand) platform typically mounted on the flatbed of a truck or to a van. Originally meant for picking fruit in orchards, a cheery picker is more likely to be spotted working on cable lines, electrical lines, and utility poles. This equipment is just a simple bucket attached to a hydraulic lifting system(lift kristiansand).

Cherry Pickers have some show-business reputation as well. Known as “Condors” in the film and television industry and used for suspending large lights above sets when necessary. Lastly, artists such as Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber use them during concerts for stage effect especially to be out above the crowd. David Bowie claimed to be the first artist to use a cherry picker(liftutleie kristiansand) during a performance in 1974.

A Digger, as it is named in laymen terms, is more often known a backhoe. The base of a digger is a simple tractor setup with a bucket on one end and a backhoe on the other end. It is most often seen moving dirt whether it is digging out a hole to lay pipes down or prepare a piece of land for a new home. Other tasks including transporting building materials, landscaping, and road construction. Also, you can take off the bucket and replace it with other equipment, such as a stump grinder, auger, or grapple.

The development of the digger began in 1947 with inventors in Massachusetts, and by April of 1948, Wain-Roy Corporation sold the first hydraulic backhoe. It came mounted on a Ford Model 8N tractor and sold for a grand total of $705. In the UK, the first digger didn’t appear until the early 1950s.

Whether you need to dig a hole, move large items around, fix high hanging equipment, or just find a new way to create entertainment for a crowd, the cherry picker(h√łydeteknikk) and digger have a long past. Both are also known to be two of the most useful pieces of equipment going as far as the creation of mini versions of them for smaller jobs or personal use rather than large business uses. Most of all, they will be a central piece to the start of creating more development pieces of equipment.